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International Financial Centers continue to attract international investors and businesses that are interested in setting up an offshore company, trust or foundation These structures enable an entity to protect their assets in a safe low tax environment. OCA can assist in the establishment of a company, trust or foundation, as well as the opening of bank accounts for these entities. It can also assist in the application for licenses for these entities such as fund management licenses and other business licenses.

It is estimated that some 60% of global wealth is deposited in offshore accounts held by offshore companies or offshore trusts and that some 50% of global transactions are conducted through offshore jurisdictions. The reasoning is simple: set up properly, there are numerous legal benefits of "going offshore" such as increased privacy and asset protection as well as overall tax minimization.
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We have a team of professionals that have over 50 years of experience combined in the industry. Our core focus is on customer service.

"Quality over quantity" is a philosophy that very much guides our company. We strive to first understand the needs of our clients, followed by solutions and ongoing support services in a confidential and expeditious manner. We strive to take on a responsible, flexible approach with our clients while remaining up to date on international events affecting our industry as well as our clients.

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Whether needing a Seychelles offshore company formation, Seychelles offshore bank account, offshore merchant account, private foundation, offshore trust and/or offshore investment vehicle in Seychelles or any other country, We can accommodate your needs in a competent and expeditious manner. Our offshore consultants are able to offer valuable insights and assistance with your offshore endeavours.

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Date: 24/03/15 read 5017 times
Protecting Yourself from International Tax Investigations

The international political community continues to make the most threatening noises about those who they believe do not pay enough tax. Long gone it seems are the days where it was accepted that a person could properly organise his affairs in such a way that the minimum tax lawfully due was paid to the Revenue Services. The voice of the press and politicians means that tax continues to be at the forefront of the public consciousness. There is discernable shift in the attitude of societies to the morality of avoiding the payment of tax. The distinction between tax avoidance, which is lawful, and tax evasion, which is unlawful and criminal, is apparently being quickly forgotten. Politicians no longer speak of the criminality of evasion but the immorality of avoiding tax. It would be foolish to ignore that shift in language.



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Date: 04/03/15 read 9954 times
Tax Inversion - How US Companies Buy Tax Breaks

Many nations, including the U.K. and Canada, tax only domestic profits. One result is that an independent U.S. company can end up paying more taxes than an identical U.S. company owned by a foreign parent. By creating or buying a foreign parent, a company escapes U.S. tax on worldwide income. Drug and technology companies find this particularly enticing because their profits stem from intellectual property such as patents. Transfer those patents to a subsidiary in a zero-tax jurisdiction like Bermuda or The Seychelles, and voila! The bulk of profits, which would otherwise face the 35 percent income tax rate, aren’t taxed anywhere.

Source: Bloombergs

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Date: 06/02/15 read 9449 times
The costs of offshore tax avoidance, part 2

In our previous post, we looked at the ways that global corporations minimise their tax burdens by routing income through offshore tax havens and transfer pricing. The ultimate beneficiaries of these shenanigans, of course, are actual people rather than legal entities. Many of these people also take advantage of offshore tax havens to avoid reporting capital income to local authorities. In this second post, we will look at how Gabriel Zucman tracks this hidden wealth and his suggestions for governments to capture missing revenue.

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