Offshore company incorporation involves largely the same process as that of incorporation of a domestic company. Legal documents are drafted according to the relevant legal statutes in the incorporating jurisdiction. The offshore company formation legal documents, designation of registered agent and registered office within the jurisdiction of incorporation are filed with the relevant government office. We will handle all of these items on your behalf, guaranteeing swift offshore company formation.


  • Consultation: Prior to working with new customers, we suggest a free initial consultation to ensure we provide the exact offshore services for your specific situation.
  • Quotation: After consultation or if you feel you do not require one, please complete an Online Order Form. The following structures can all be completed online [ IBC, CSL, PCC, Local, Funds, Trusts ] other structures you will need to download the Order Form and complete. We will forward a detailed draft invoice with the requested services and any other suggestions and/or options which will include payment instructions.
  • Payment: We require that all initial fees be paid in advance of work performed. If time is of the essence, please pay by credit card or forward proof of a wire payment and we can begin processing your order right away. We currently accept payment by bank wire transfer, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
  • Due Diligence: We are required to obtain and retain certain identifying documents and supporting due diligence in relation to services being requested.
    • Notarized copy of passport.
    • Notarized copy of utility bill or bank reference showing residential address.
  • Bank/Brokerage/Credit Card Applications: Where we are requested to provide assistance with opening one or more financial accounts, we will complete as much of the application as possible and forward either by email or courier for your assistance completing and/or signing the applications were necessary. The requirements and documents vary with each financial institution.

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