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Date: 15/01/15, Category: Offshore, read: 7842 times

Without adequate planning, the you could lose up to half of your wealth through inheritance taxes,

Estate taxes in some developed countries including Japan and Germany are as high as 50 percent of the wealthiest people's net worth.

It's time you started planning for your family's future

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Date: 19/11/14, Category: Offshore, read: 1966 times

It is not against Malaysian law for companies to keep funds in offshore accounts.


Malaysian Companies (SSM) acting chief executive officer Zahrah Abd Wahab Fenner said it was not unusual for companies to keep their funds in offshore accounts. She said this when commenting on 1 Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) investments in the Cayman Islands. Zahrah said it was a company’s business decision to invest their money where they wanted.




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Date: 13/11/14, Category: Offshore, read: 1972 times

Minimising taxes and increasing confidentiality are not the only benefits of setting up an offshore company. Although tax effectiveness is the first and foremost benefit that comes to mind when considering offshore companies, the opportunity to considerably reduce business overheads is also a very attractive bonus.

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Date: 08/09/14, Category: Offshore, read: 1699 times

Companies — including Microsoft — that keep more than $50 Billion offshore to lower U.S. tax bills

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Date: 17/07/14, Category: Offshore, read: 1892 times

To incorporate a company you must provide your preferred Company name to be submitted for approval, once approved the new company can be incorporated within a few days and can be acquired as soon as we receive the application forms.

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Date: 07/06/14, Category: Offshore, read: 1814 times

What exactly is “offshore”?


For such an exotic term, it’s actually quite a simple concept. 

Going offshore means doing business in any country that isn’t the one in which you live. 

For some people, that means banking internationally. For others, it’s about setting up a business in another country. And for others, it might involve more formal asset protection strategies, such as trusts. 

Another way to think about it: For everyone else in the world, the United States is offshore. It’s all a matter of perspective.


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Date: 05/05/14, Category: Offshore, read: 1945 times

In February 2014 G20 endorses new OECD Standard (Common Reporting Standard, CRS) for automatic exchange of tax information

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Date: 01/01/14, Category: Offshore, read: 1778 times

Seychelles Update IBC (International Business Companies) Act

At the end of 2013 the Seychelles government officially enacted the IBC (Amendment) Bill on bearer share abolishment. These changes became effective starting January 2014. According to it all existing bearer shares must now be replaced by registered shares with the name of the shareholder. M&AA issued before need to be amended and replaced (i.e. so as to remove all bearer share provisions and to provide only for registered shares).

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Date: 29/11/13, Category: Offshore, read: 1778 times

Panama is no longer a tax haven.

This startling change may well be repealed or deemed unconstitutional early in the New Year, but the damage has been done to the Panama tax haven allure.

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