Investment Vehicles

Offshore investing is one of the most popular uses of offshore companies, offshore trusts, offshore private interest foundations etc. These offshore entities facilitates international offshore investment, providing several useful benefits: privacy, ease of transference of assets, access to otherwise unavailable investments due to restrictions in the home country, lower administration costs, simplified reporting (or none at all) and low or zero taxes on capital gains, interest and dividends. Offshore companies can be used to hold international investments such as real estate, equities, commodities, CDs, high yield savings accounts and structured deposits. An increasingly popular option is to open an offshore brokerage account in the name of the offshore company to enable trading of international stocks, options, commodities, forex, mutual funds and bonds all from one account.

Equities, Commodities, and other tradable assets.

Astute investors achieve returns and diversify their portfolios by adopting an international investment approach. Often times these investors choose to hold their international portfolio in one or more offshore structures in order to provide anonymity, tax savings and access to otherwise unavailable investments, due to restrictions in their own countries.

International Real Estate

International real estate offers one of the best hedges against inflation and is a popular investment category for those looking to establish an offshore company or other offshore structure.

Currency Hedging

By adopting an international investment portfolio one can also hedge against fluctuations in currencies. Offshore investments can be made in a variety of currencies allowing one to be shielded or even benefit from changes in currencies.

Offshore online trading account

Offshore online trading accounts, with live internet trading in major markets such as the US, Canada and UK, established in the name of an offshore legal structure offers many benefits. The offshore online trading accounts are able to trade forex, commodities, equities and derivatives in real time. Importantly, your offshore online trading account is highly encrypted for maximum privacy, and allows you to conduct your offshore investing from anywhere in the world.

Offshore Brokerage Companies

Offshore brokerage companies offer many of the same services of their onshore counterparts such as live internet enabled securities trading on international stock exchanges. Account holders also have the option to trade stocks, bonds, mutual funds, forex and most other types of securities on major international markets.

These offshore brokerage companies often offer live 24/7 knowledgeable trading desks, low commissions, internet access and, probably best of all, the ability to open accounts in the name of an offshore corporation, offshore trust or offshore private interest foundation. Some also offer wealth management and advisory services for those clients looking for experienced professionals to assist with their investment needs.

We have conducted the research for you and can facilitate the account opening process with one of our recommended offshore brokerage companies in a low or zero tax offshore jurisdiction. Contact us today to enquire about establishing an offshore company with an offshore brokerage account.

Offshore merchant account

An offshore merchant account is a unique account established with an acquiring bank in an offshore country that allows merchants to process card-not-present transactions. Offshore banks tend to be more lenient with regards to their underwriting policies. As a subsequent result of this, it becomes easier to acquire high risk merchant accounts with offshore banks as opposed to domestic banks.

If you are having challenges obtaining a merchant account for Internet or mail/phone order transactions, we can help. We provide services to all legal online sales companies. The specific setup will depend on the site and products being sold but we have extensive experience in this field and have a well established relationship with acquiring banks and payment gateways. Please contact us directly for further advice.

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