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Australian tax haven crackdown still to deliver missing billions

Tax haven crackdown still to deliver missing billions

Tax avoidance, or the use of legal arrangements to reduce tax, is rife. According to the Australian Tax Office (ATO), Australian companies in 2012 sent almost A$60 billion to related parties in tax havens. But the Australian tax authorities are not having much success in averting it.


Date: 10/11/14, Category: Tax, read: 1260 times
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Big US Companies save $Billions in taxes by using offshore companies

Companies — including Microsoft — that keep more than $50 Billion offshore to lower U.S. tax bills

Date: 08/09/14, Category: Offshore, read: 1224 times
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Bloomberg Article on Seychelles

Shells in Seychelles: Republic Fills Void as Home for Tax Avoidance

Date: 03/09/14, Category: Seychelles, read: 885 times
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Opportunities for Foreign Direct Investment into Seychelles

Seychelles Welcomes Impressive FDI Inflows

Fiscal advantages invite investments to Seychelles

Companies move to low-tax countries

Date: 03/09/14, Category: Seychelles, read: 16733 times
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Seychelles Upgraded

Seychelles International Credit Rating Improves - FITCH Rating Agency

Date: 12/08/14, Category: Seychelles, read: 892 times
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European Parliament Backs New Money Laundering Law

On 17 March 2014 the European Parliament has voted in favor of draft anti-money laundering rules that would require the ultimate owners of companies and trusts to be listed in public registers in European Union (EU) countries.

Date: 18/07/14, Category: Europe, read: 925 times
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How to incorporate a company in Seychelles

To incorporate a company you must provide your preferred Company name to be submitted for approval, once approved the new company can be incorporated within a few days and can be acquired as soon as we receive the application forms.

Date: 17/07/14, Category: Offshore, read: 1379 times
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Singapore-Seychelles DTA

SIngapore signs a double taxation agreement (DTA) with The Seychelles

Date: 10/07/14, Category: Tax, read: 1249 times
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What is Offshore??

What exactly is “offshore”?


For such an exotic term, it’s actually quite a simple concept. 

Going offshore means doing business in any country that isn’t the one in which you live. 

For some people, that means banking internationally. For others, it’s about setting up a business in another country. And for others, it might involve more formal asset protection strategies, such as trusts. 

Another way to think about it: For everyone else in the world, the United States is offshore. It’s all a matter of perspective.


Date: 07/06/14, Category: Offshore, read: 1334 times
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OECD Standard

In February 2014 G20 endorses new OECD Standard (Common Reporting Standard, CRS) for automatic exchange of tax information

Date: 05/05/14, Category: Offshore, read: 1435 times
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